Year review of 2016

If one year was well filled with sculpture, then it was 2016 well. It is almost too much to list in an annual overview. It already started in January, with the restoration of two small sandstone statues that were completely in pieces. Time for an annual review of 2016.

Putti from North Holland

two broken putti of Bentheimer sandstone

Putto met korenaren. Part of sandstone two puttiIn January I repaired two broken Putti. Read part here 1 about the inventorize and part two about it repairs of the two boys. For one boy I had to make a new sandstone bone.


Diana of Gabii damaged

But there was more repair work, first of all the terracotta statue of Diana or Artemis that accompanied the two putti. She was missing an arm, and I restored it with a welded stainless steel frame and restoration mortar.

Moses and Aaron, Veghel

sculptor Koen van Velzen cutting the statue of Moses from Lambertus church in Veghel with a concrete chainsaw

cut with a chainsaw

Then there were the two sandstone statues of Moses and Aaron from Veghel, which I do first had to cut loose from the church (1), and repair and send to Germany for impregnation (2), and finally had to return to the church (3).

Flying buttress figurines from Arnhem

For the Eusebiuskerk in Arnhem I was allowed to start on the first eight flying buttress statues, such as a Wise Maiden and seven trumpet angels, which I had to do first repair and provide (1), before I 14 old and new angels on a journey(2) could send to Arnhem.

Lions for Deventer

For Denver I carved two lions and a lion's head in Bentheimer sandstone. One of these was a mirrored copy of an old statuette, and the other was a new design.

Cunerators in Rhenen

Then there was ornamental work for the Cuneratoren in Rhenen: crockets and wimbergen in Muschel limestone. Read article here 1 about the beginning and article 2 about completing the work.

Coats of arms in sandstone and bluestone

family crest stone in stone completed, coat of arms carved in Belgian bluestone, arduin, petit granitIn June I carved a bluestone family coat of arms in Belgian bluestone and wrote two blog posts about it. In part 1 find your explanation fore chopping and in part 2 about the ending of it.

Annual Review 2016. Sandstone coat of arms with thistles and rings

And in December I made a sandstone coat of arms, and posted an article with a video about making of it.

A plinth for Barneveld

The removal of the plinth of Hercules at De Schaffelaar Castle in Barneveld. Year review of 2016The recent bronze statue of Hercules was given a new hard stone plinth. I still had a whole job to do sawing loose and hoisting away from the old plinth. Copying and placing the new plinth took place in March 2017.

Memorial in Amersfoort

Year review of 2016: Installing wall coverings on the Appelweg in Amersfoort, at a war memorialI cleaned a war memorial in Amersfoort and made new sandstone covers for the wall of the fusillade monument on the Appelweg: see part 1 about work and the placement and share 2 about the result.

Other sculpture

Then there were some smaller assignments in between, such as padukas in black granite, a marble Scallop and a marble cubist image for another sculptor.

carving padukas in black granite

Padukas in black granite

A marble figurine for another sculptor

Own work

In preparation for my first exhibition ever at Art and Castles in Gronsveld at Maastricht I worked hard this year to make a few more new sculptures. I made a marble statue, two facing stones in sandstone and bronze and a statue in dolomite.

Thirty tips

For beginning sculptors I put together three blog posts with tips:

To win

And after you read those three, could you Win the Sculpture Book and I also let you know who won it.


Not everything was rose scent and moonshine 2016. While dismantling the rafters of a future shelter, one of the rafters fell on my arm and cut through a muscle in my forearm. I spent a few weeks at home with a good number of stitches and decided to spend the time well with a few new articles on the blog. One of the most read posts on this blog is my resulting article on the Camera Lucida of 15 March 2016.

When I had long since recovered I supplemented this with an article plus video on how to make a pointing machine for this, dating from 31 July.



Canopy for the St. John's Cathedral in 's-Hertogenbosch in Udelfanger sandstoneFinally, there was another article about the Natural Stone Award , which I got for working on a sandstone canopy

and an article about it cultivating lichens.

Furthermore, I still have assignments that I do not share on my blog and therefore not in this annual overview 2016. All very nice and inspiring 2017!

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