Removing a pedestal with the concrete chainsaw

Last Wednesday I was at the gardens of Estate De Schaffelaar in Barneveld, the Netherlands. I had to remove a plinth of Belgian bluestone, that was anchored with four stainless steel pins of 2 centimetres thick to a concrete foundation. Of course the solution was the concrete chainsaw on 230 Volts (Cardi Coccodrillo 35 so you might say Renova chainsaw). The base will in due course be reinstalled inside the main building itself, but more on that later.

The anchors were very tough and it took a lot of strength in an awkward crouching position to cut them, but the machine did not budge. We had brought water, a pressurized water system ( a pressure tank with pump) and an generator of 6 kilowatt with us, so we were completely self-sufficient.

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Camera and editing: Joram van Velzen

Copy of this pedestal

I made a copy of the upper part of this plinth. Read more about it in the next post↑. is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

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  1. That doesn't look like an easy chore, well done!


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