Sculpture Koen van Velzen and Sculpture 't Oud Erf-welcome

welkom op beeldhouwerijblog.nlWelcome to the weblog of Sculptor Koen van Velzen. I started this blog to keep customers informed and give them the chance to follow the developments surrounding their sculpture from a distance. It also gives me the opportunity to inform anyone else who's interested about recent projects, and to vent thoughts and musings about anything that has to do with sculpting. A blog is a wonderful medium for this, and if you should find something beautiful or interesting here, share it by all means.

(Incidentally, not every project I have in hand ends up on this blog; there are also commissions for other sculptors, repeating restoration works and other projects that do not fit on this blog.)

I am an independent restoration sculptor, but for larger projects I work with my colleagues Jelle Steendam and Tim Kaarsemaken who also work in the studio. Together we work under the name Beeldhouwerij 't Oud Erf. Below my video about our workshop and the work on the flying buttresses of St. Eusebius's Church in Arnhem, the Netherlands..

Want to know more about my sculptures?

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