Pinnacle for a flying buttress of St. Cunera's tower

Ornaments Cunera tower Rhenen1

the lower block of the pinnacle

Currently, St. Cunera's tower in Rhenen, the Netherlands, is being restored. Most of the old tuffstone blocks are being replaced with new Muschelkalk limestone. I carved a number of ornaments on some profiled blocks, for (and in cooperation with) my colleague Jan Tolboom. These pieces were supplied by Slotboom Stonemasons from Winterswijk, the Netherlands. The stonemason has carved all of the profiles and flat parts, and I made the crockets (read for more info about stonemasons and sculptors in this post). Together these pieces are to form a pinnacle on one of the buttresses.

Partof the ornaments for
 Cunera tower Rhenen-old and new

new and old block for St. Cunera's tower, Muschelkalk limestone and Ettringer tuffstone

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