Of a garden that grew

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Granite panipitha
Today I received the above picture of the panipitha via email, and was surprised how the garden around it has grown by now , since at the time of installing it was all still a mud bath and only this spring the first plants were planted. Very good manure they used, one might think. To the right of the panipitha you can see a stainless steel pipe coming out of the ground. It is intended that water will flow out of it, by means of a bent tube, over the black lingam. The water will later flow back to the canal through a gutter.

It's very nice to see how a sculpture gradually takes over its space, and how an atmosphere is created in the garden where it is part of. That's why I wanted to dedicate a short message to it.

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  1. Raman wrote:

    Day, You still make shiwlings? As the images? If so I would like to know the price Ervand. thanks in advance. Greetings, Raman

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