win the Complete book of Sculpture!

The complete book of sculpting-13 May 2016; the book by now has been won by Paul

-list of Sculptor's Supplies Shops in the Netherlands added below-

-Sorry folks, this is only for Dutch language readers... It's about this book: For a number of times now I've been recommending a particular book for beginning sculptors on this blog, as excellent teaching material to learn how to transfer your design onto in a block of stone, whether enlarged or not (here, here, here and here for example). That book is ' Sculpture in Stone’ and here in the Netherlands, it's only available second-hand. It was already a pricey book, but gradually the prices for which it can still be found are getting higher all the time.

But not to worry: comes to the rescue! I still have a copy of this book at my disposition, and that is made available to the one with the most sculptural inspirations.

What should you do to obtain it?

Last month I sent out a series of posts with the theme 'tips for beginning sculptors'. There was never the pretense that these tips would be comprehensive, so there is still room for improvement. And that is where you can add your share.

-Are you interested in sculpting?

-Are you not yet in possession of Het Complete Beeldhouwboek and would you like to own it?

-Or: you do already own the book, but you would like to gift it to a family member or acquaintance?

-Do you happen to have a good tip for beginning sculptors yourself?

This book will be sent to the person who has the best tip(s) about how a novice sculptor can learn to carve in stone. Do remember to explain to how this works for you and how you came by this tip. Submission of your tip will be possible up till Sunday 29 May 2016. The submitted tips will be gathered in a new blog entry, so the more this is shared, the more interesting the story can become ;-).

-Sorry, The book has already won Paul, see it next post

List of sculptor's supplies shops in the Netherlands

There are quite a number of places in the Netherlands where you can buy stone, chisels and much more, but there is quite a difference between stores that focus on sculptors in the broadest sense, and shops or workshops where you also can buy some articles for stone sculpture. But that can easily be seen from their websites. Below is a list of sales points in the Netherlands for sculpting tools and sometimes also stone for sculpting in. A few of those are 3-star stores. I compiled this list to the best of my knowledge, but it's undoubtedly not complete. So any addition is welcome.

Click on a name for their website:

The Hague: de Beeldhouwwinkel Den Haag***

Druten: Dirks Artist Supplier BV***

Soest: de Hazelaar Art Supplies***

Tilburg: Bick Art Supplies***

Zutphen: De Beeldhouwwinkel Zutphen***


Anna Paulowna: Steengoed

Baak: Beeldhouwatelier Baak

De Goorn: Arts and Crafts Holland

Dordrecht: Beeldhouwshop de Biesbosch

Dronten: Beeldend in steen

Ede: Mega Gallery

Elst (Gld): Steengoedenmeer

Emmen: Total Artist

Haarlem: Keramikos

Nijmegen: Beeldhouwen Nijmegen

Rotterdam: Gerstaeker

Rotterdam: Artistix

Veghel: Atelier500

Vinkel: Beeldengalerie De Buffel

Volkel: Dune Volkel

→ Read more…. is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

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  1. roger lacquet wrote:

    Het boek is fantastisch , vergeet niet dat dit boek geschreven is door mensen die ateliers hebben in Carrara en die zeer goed geÏNFORMEERD zij.Alles wat met beeldhouwtechnieken en de vormgeving te maken heeft komt aan bod. Van A tot Z. Het is niet alleen kompleet maar zeer sterk inspirend . Kortom een zeer flinke aanrader.
    U zult verrast zijn.Zeer professioneel aangepakt.

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