Another set of Padukas in black granite

carving traditional padukas in black granitecarving padukas in black granitepadukas carved in black granite displaying the conch, chakra and lotusesTwo years after the first padukas, about which you can read here→ more, I continued carving the second set of padukas in black granite.

Padukas are imprints of the feet of a Saint, but this term is also used for the sandals by which a Saint is revered.

In 2014 I made an imprint in clay of the feet of Swami Gopala Krishna. I originally wanted to copy these footprints exactly in a rough chunk of granite, so it looked as if he had been standing there, but at his request, I have depicted it in the traditional manner: embossed on the surrounding stone, with on the feet the signs of an incarnation of Vishnu: the lotus, the disc (chakra) and the conch (shankh). All around a motif cut with lotus leaves was carved.

This black granite is very hard and difficult to carve, but most of the work goes into accurately copying with the "pointing machine" and especially the polishing of the stone.

This stone will be placed in a temple and be used for devotional purposes.

Read more…↑ is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

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