'New Beginnings', dolomite

Sculpture 'New Beginnings', dolomiteYou wouldn't say so from the posts on this blog, but I've been very busy these past few weeks. In preparation for the exhibition at Kunst en Kastelen (Art and Castles) I've done all kinds of work, and created a few new sculptures in stone. Here is the first one: a sculpture in Anröchter Grünstein, or dolomite. It is about 50 cm high and wide. The rear curl is carved completely detached. This sculpture is actually a brother of my bigger one 'Ferns’, that I made previously in dolomite as well.

The sculpture is still quite dark now. But this stone, which, incidentally, does not come from the Italian mountains but just from Germany, has a special feature: once it is left outside for a while, it will gradually turn bright green all by itself, which I find very beautiful. So over time it will only become more beautiful!

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