A video of a pointing machine

pointing machine with wooden cross and brass needle

Pointing machine with wooden cross and brass needle

pointing machine with needle and stop

The needle of the Pointing machine with the stop

YouTube can be a convenient medium if you are looking for something… like how a pointing machine actually works. That's how I came across a video by sculptor Jason Arkles (The Sculptor’s Funeral): ‘How to use a pointing machine for carving marble’.

In it, he explains step by step how to use this tool. Because I already posted a blog post about pointing machines several times before on this sculptor's blog, and because this is one of the most used search terms on this blog, I thought of including this video in a separate post.

Jason explains how this 'machine', which is actually a lot more like a measuring tool, works, how to make a wooden cross yourself and how to take the first measurements. To my pleasure, he also discovered my photos on Wikipedia (see opposite) and used them in his video.

I asked Jason for his permission via email, so here it is below: the aforementioned video.

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