Padukas finished

top view of balck granite padukas with flowers← to the first post about this project

The black granite paduka's I previously worked on have been finished for a long time, but I have been very busy and my blog has suffered for it (I plan to correct the backlog in the next week…). Polishing was, as expected, quite a chore, but I managed. …Read the whole article…

Padukas: lotus and polishing

black granite padukas being carved and polished. Carving the lotus motif

← to the first post about this project

After measuring with the pointing machine and some other works in between I continued with shaping the paduka's in black granite. On the feet, I added the symbols of Vishnu: the conch, the disc and lotus flowers. On the profile on the side the lotus motif will return, and that's what I am carving now, sanding and polishing. …Read the whole article…