Installing the large Shivalingam and Panipitha

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installation of the Shivalingam(3)

hoisting the upper part

After all parts of the Shivalingam at the time and polished, and I had tested them in a test setup, to see if it fit, the five components were ready to be transported for their installation. It all together weighs about one metric tonne; it's 125 cm wide by 125 cm high and 175 cms long. I made the whole Shivalingam and its base from different kinds of granite in the beginning: black granite for the lingam, Balmoral red granite for the base, and the yoni or panipitha from a kind of pinkish/brownish granite of which I do not know the name. It is certainly all pretty hard stuff.



installation of the Shivalingam(12)

tightening the stainless steel nuts

The parts needed to be hoisted over a shed and a tree and then put inside the courtyard. There I bolted them together with thick threaded rods, after which we could bond the lingam in its recess.

installation of the Shivalingam(17)

The lingam has just been glued in place; the tape protects against rain

Sivalingam completed3

Sivalingam completed5

It may have become the largest Shivalingam in North Holland, perhaps in the Netherlands; I wouldn't know how to check that. It stands at the Sri Sai Mandiram in Onderdijk. Shiva lingam, Shivling, Shivalinga, lingam yoni, linga, Shivaling, Shivling, Shiva linga, Shiv ling, panipitha+lingam, black lingam,

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  1. susy wrote:

    how beautiful!!!! Would love to have one in my garden!

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