Installing the large Shivalingam and Panipitha

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installation of the Shivalingam(3)

hoisting the upper part

After all parts of the Shivalingam at the time and polished, and I had tested them in a test setup, to see if it fit, the five components were ready to be transported for their installation. It all together weighs about one metric tonne; it's 125 cm wide by 125 cm high and 175 cms long. I made the whole Shivalingam and its base from different kinds of granite when he: black granite for the lingam, Balmoral red granite for the base, and the yoni or panipitha from a kind of pinkish/brownish granite of which I do not know the name. It is certainly all pretty hard stuff.



installation of the Shivalingam(12)

tightening the stainless steel nuts

The parts needed to be hoisted over a shed and a tree and then put inside the courtyard. There I bolted them together with thick threaded rods, after which we could bond the lingam in its recess.

installation of the Shivalingam(17)

The lingam has just been glued in place; the tape protects against rain

Sivalingam completed3

Sivalingam completed5

It may have become the largest Shivalingam in North Holland, perhaps in the Netherlands; I wouldn't know how to check that. It stands at the Sri Sai Mandiram in Onderdijk. Shiva lingam, Shivling, Shivalinga, lingam yoni, linga, Shivaling, Shivling, Shiva linga, Shiv ling, panipitha+lingam, black lingam,

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3 responses to “Installing the large Shivalingam and Panipitha

  1. susy wrote:

    how beautiful!!!! Would love to have one in my garden!

  2. Anonymous wrote:

    It's beautiful, for Hindus it has a great and important meaning. A Shivling is not just placed.
    My request to you is not to post this for decoration because that's not what it's meant for. It is intended for the believing Hindu to pray at a shivling and you also do that according to the rules imposed by Hinduism.

    I hope you respect my faith enough and don't put it on display.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Anonymous,
      it says under the article that this Shivalingam is at the Sri Sai Mandiram in Onderdijk. I would like to invite you to the weekly Rudrabhishekam on Monday evening in the temple. But because you respond anonymously, I can't reach you. This lingam is certainly not just decoration. It is made with great care, while singing the Sri Rudram, de Lingasthakam en Shiva bhajans, and is also managed with great care. We are well aware of the meaning.
      Best regards,

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