Panipitha: from block to upper part

To the first post about this project

From a number of blocks of granite I started carving a large lingam and yoni (panipitha) from the beginning. Below the course of the process of the upper part of the panipitha.

A block of granite (no idea what kind, but it is yellow-pink-brownish and quite big) of 120 x 120 x 45 cms I had intended for the upper part. If I had to order the stone I would have taken a different size, but this is simply what I had lying around.

The block is way too large for presawing on my machine, so I had to cut it all with an angle grinder.
upper part 01 lingam one yoni (panipitha), upper part 02
First cutting out the general shape of the top, then carving the deepened form of the inner side

upper part 10lingam one yoni (panipitha), upper part 12
…and the cutout for the lingam. I narrowed the edge. The general shape of the upper side is now ready

hoist 3lingam one yoni (panipitha), upper part 13
Next, the block is turned. Beginning of the shaping of the bottom. Lots of cutting work to be done

upper part 15 lingam one yoni (panipitha), upper part 17
Most of the mass has now been removed.

upper part 20 lingam one yoni (panipitha), upper part 23 upper part 24

I've put the base on it to see where the shape ends. Next, the lotus leaves are carved on.

On to the next post about this project is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

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