Pan in porphyry 2: starting with rough carving (video)

Pan in porphyry. The precutand not yet carved piece of stone It is very busy at present, and then it sometimes happens that there is a hitch. After first having a deep cut on my thumb keep me two weeks at home, I am now at home with an tennis elbow that keeps me lying low for a while. Not because of all the sculpting however, neither of those. But that gave me the opportunity to make the video below about the first carving work on the sculpture of Pan in porphyry.

Pan will have to wait a little longer anyway, for a coat of arms and seven pinnacles and finials in Irish bluestone for Aachen Cathedral wil have to go first… more on that later. is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

4 responses to “Pan in porphyry 2: starting with rough carving (video)

  1. piet wrote:

    beautiful stone 🙂

  2. Henk de Knecht wrote:

    Dear Koen, thanks for the info.

    I hope by now you're doing better, because carving with a painful arm is very tiring, I know from experience.
    Given the production that you have it doesn't surprise me.
    But it gives me pleasure to again receive a message on your work in progress.
    I also hope to see you in order again soon.

    Best regards, Henk

    • No, I'll be out of circulation for a while longer, Henk. However, in any case it isn't from the carving. Thanks for the good wishes! I hope in five days time to be as good as new.

    • Johan Pot wrote:

      Henk, Good to (by detour) see that you still love stone.

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