An afternoon of carving together

It's been some years since I gave sculpting lessons. Aast Saturday I had my first 'students’ in my own studio: the American Matt, my cousin Roel, and my sister Coraline. Roel wanted to learn to carve in stone and got very concentratedly engaged in the rudiments of stone carving.

I have embedded below for those interested a playlist with videos of basic stonemasonry techniques . It starts with the first step: pitching.

Thanks to the Rijksdienst voor de monumentenzorg and, in particular, Hendrik Jan Tolboom, who demonstrates these techniques.

If you are viewing these videos on youtube, You can also find the notes below.

Matt is following an art study in New York and Amsterdam. He has been very busy working with an air hammer and a gouge to carve a sculpture from a piece of a poplar trunk . Light and wet wood, so that went fast. Coraline walked in the beautiful surroundings: Paradise near Achterveld.

Update: 26 September 2013

Matthew sent me the video above, which he had taken during the first day of the carving of his poplar wood sculpture. He came back later five, six times, to finish it, which didn't work out by a hair because he had to return to the States. carving in limestoneIt probably would have gone a lot faster if I'd had a chainsaw at my disposal, but since I almost never work this way in wood I don't actually need one. Roel too has been back, and together with brother Tim he was chopping a piece of stone. is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

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