Recommendations for enthusiastic sculptors

For the one who wants to learn sculpture in stone, nothing beats doing it yourself. But if you want to deepen your knowledge, then these books can be useful to learn sculpting:

learning sculpture with The Complete Beeldhouwboek of Cami and Santamera

* The complete book of sculpting. Camí Santamera (Josepmaria Teixido i Camí/Jacinto Chicarro Santamera) Cantecleer Baarn, 2001. ISBN 90-213-3126-8 / 90-439-1253-0
A clear record of good shots and a lot of explanation about different movements and techniques to learn stone sculpture, for example direct carving, copying with the "pointing machine", enlarging and various methods to copy models in stone.

Stonemason and sculptor* Der Steinmetz und Steinbildhauer 1 at for example De Hazelaar



Steinmetz and Steinbildhauer2* Der Steinmetz und Steinbildhauer 2 at for example De Hazelaar




* Letter Carving in Stone at. BICK Art supplies



* Download the Wikipedia-book ‘Beeldhouwen in steenin pdf (Please note: 129 Mb!) or as an epub (7 Mb)

* Website with everything about woodcarving, sculpture in wood, letter carving

And then, perhaps,:

Flowforms*John Wilkes: Flowforms at is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

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