South Portal of St. Stephen's Church: scaffolding removed

20 trefoils, 20 crockets, 7 consoles and three capitals of the southern portal of the Stevenskerk

The South Portal of St. Stephen's Church has now gotten its scaffolding removed, and it's become a real sight to behold. This morning the foreman from Van Dinther Construction from Schaijk sent me a few photos to show me how has turned out. I hope to make. a couple of better pictures in due time, but in my enthusiasm I've already put them on this blog for now.

For this project, in commision for Slotboom Stonemasons we replaced all ornamental work and adjoning stonemasonry in new Tuff.

My colleagues Stide Vos and Jan Tolboom and I have been busy at the start of this year with disassembling, carving and replacing of 20 trefoils (carved by Jan Tolboom), 20 crockets (carved by Stide Vos), 7 consoles and two 'caps of consoles (carved by myself), and three capitals (created by Stide and me). It was an interesting, challenging job of which we are very proud. The new Tuff blends in so well with the old work that it's hard to see what has actually been replaced, but if you'd lay the old situation alongside to it , one can tell right away.

The old situation illustrates well how the weathered tuff lace flowers were for dismantling.weathering of tufa parts from South Portal Stevenskerktrefoils, consoles and lace flowers in new Weiberner tuff

from the outside to the inside: hangen er al drie peaks (trefoils), you see a console, and a crude tire which will soon come lace flowers

During assembly: 1 new console (top center), the side crockets are still missing (bottom center), a new capital is already in place (bottom right) and three new crêtes or trefoils resting in their precarved slot (right).

The narrow pieces are hung on the inside of the arch with anchors. During curing, we can secure it with glue clamps

The narrow trefoils were suspended on the inside of the arch with anchors. During curing, we were able to clamp them with glue clamps

In the old situation the three passes were all cut off as a precaution

In the old situation, as a precaution the trefoils had all been cut off

In due time I will still complement this post with sharper pictures of the situation before and after the restoration.


← to the first post about this project is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

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