Carving a capital on a stormy day

rough carving 3-capital

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Today was a pretty windy day. I was glad everything was still standing when I arrived this morning. The project at the South Portal meanwhile steadily goes on; I am now busy carving a capital (both the stone masonry and sculpture work) which will be placed somewhere on the left outside of the portal. Currently I've arrived at carving the leaf motif. The tiny flowers are still quite tricky to get just right in tuff stone, but with some time left for the finishing touches and dotting the i that should come out alright. I still have a few days.

Generally speaking I quite like the wind: it gives you a lot of energy. But you can also get pretty tired by it, and what makes the difference, I don't know. In my youth I would always go sailing with my brother in fierce winds like this (we didn't like those winds for the elderly). We actually had a plump sloop from a barge as a rowboat. Gradually that was rigged up with a flagpole, an old curtain, a leeboard and a rudder, and that was our first sailboat. Later it all became much more professional, but that was how I taught myself how to sail a boat. How nostalgic can you get from a bit of wind.

Anyway, with all this wind it was a bit more difficult to find the concentration. So I hope that tomorrow the weather will be a bit calmer!

Update 1 april 2015: the capital is ready

a tufa block with three capitals for The renewal of the South Portal of the Stevenskerk
Update 5 april: picture of the old capital before disassembly

weathered tuff capital at the Stevens church in Nijmegen

The weathered capital in the old situation, before disassembly.

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