Falcon: gilding finished

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vergulden2A real eye-catcher

The Falcon for the Valckeniershuis (Falconer's House) in Franeker is ready to be installed: Rómulo has finshed the gilding. He gold plated it completely in 23,75 carat double gold leaf. It's become a real eye-catcher, or as Rob the Great Garden Gnome would say: “As ay finnesing toots it wos cumpleetlee gilded, end now it iz ay reel ayketchur.”

For contrast, the footrest was not gold plated, and between the legs, differently to the original, some extra stone was left for stability, through which later a 2 cm thick stainless steel wire end will be glued for securing it to the roof. That part was painted in a charcoal colour. The pen comes up into the chest of the bird; so does that never fall down.

Soon, the figurine will be placed on top of the tympanum of the Falconers House by the contractor .

falcon verguld1 falcon verguld2

the tympanum onto which the falcon soon will appear

the tympanum onto which the falcon soon will appear

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  1. Anne Krikke wrote:

    Compliment voor het geheel! Franeker is een tijdlang zijn Valk kwijtgeweest !

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