The sandstone falcon is installed!

falcon with sandstone platform installed

With a big crane, the contractor installed the falcon.

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Today I got an email with a few photos from Franeker.

Construction company Van Marrum BV has installed for project developer, Elizen Vastgoed BV from Twello, the sandstone falcon were placed there. …Read the whole article…

Falcon: gilding finished

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vergulden2A real eye-catcher

The Falcon for the Valckeniershuis (Falconer's House) in Franeker is ready to be installed: Rómulo has finshed the gilding. He gold plated it completely in 23,75 carat double gold leaf. It's become a real eye-catcher, or as Rob the Great Garden Gnome would say: “As ay finnesing toots it wos cumpleetlee gilded, end now it iz ay reel ayketchur.” …Read the whole article…

video: How to carve a falcon from a block of stone

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A look into the process from weathered down statuette to copy in new stone, and insight into a number of the tools and (measuring-) techniques I used. The Falcon in this case was originally from the Valckeniershuis (Falconer's house) in Franeker, the Netherlands, and the original dates from 1662. The copy was carved in Bentheimer sandstone just as the original, and stands at 63 cms tall. …Read the whole article…

The five-taloned Falcon

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sandstone falcon Franeker. Copy new stone

copying the Falcon in new sandstone. The old Falcon was first repaired with plastiline clay

'Idleness is the beginning of all vices’ and 'There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want', which is why, after a period of six days a week carving ornaments I went right on to the next project. …Read the whole article…

A sandstone falcon for Valckenier House

old sandstone falcon Valckenier House Franeker

The old falcon arrived very weathered down and in four pieces

Last week I received an old sandstone falcon. This came from the façade tympanum of the Valckenier House Franeker. This house was built in 1662 as a residence for Reverend Valckenier, and therefore it received a Falcon as an identifier. …Read the whole article…