video: How to carve a falcon from a block of stone

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A look into the process from weathered down statuette to copy in new stone, and insight into a number of the tools and (measuring-) techniques I used. The Falcon in this case was originally from the Valckeniershuis (Falconer's house) in Franeker, the Netherlands, and the original dates from 1662. The copy was carved in Bentheimer sandstone just as the original, and stands at 63 cms tall.

camera and editing: Joram van Velzen

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2 responses to “video: How to carve a falcon from a block of stone

  1. Anne Krikke wrote:

    Koen a very nice movie , For a layman very clear how something like this is created! Again compliments.

  2. Marianne Reijnhoudt wrote:

    Of a block of stone to Falcon. How nice to see this creative process. What a meticulous work. To measure is to know. Very clever!

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