A suspect cougar (flying buttress statue)

flying buttress figurine cougar Eusebius's Church

The next flying buttress statue suggested a feline beast, I suspect a cougar. I tried to make it a bit clearer that it was supposed to be a cat, but then it looked more like a dog. The next day it all went a lot better, so it looks a bit more feline now. Only the ears don't fit at all. But as they were the same in the original, I left it at that.

The old figurine

Flying Buttress cougar new

First the cougar looked more like a dog. I changed that later.


custom header

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion?

Flying buttress 6 en 7 on the Eusebiuskerk

stonemasonry work on the profile

Each flying buttress statue sits on a continuous profile, so I need to carve that profile in stone as well. It is always a chore to carve everything crisp and straight and lay the chisel mark finish.


In the video below you see me heels Old Lady with Mortar and Pestle, (it was meant for Instagram, that's why it sadly turned out upright).

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