A sandstone coat of arms with deep relief

sandstone coat of arms by sculptor Koen van Velzen

Stone crest

A Bentheimer sandstone coat of arms. Dimensions of the relief 40 x 50 x 18 cms tall, of which the relief part is carved 10 cms deep. Clearly can be seen that this stone is a natural product, as evidenced by the light brown traces of an iron deposit. This does otherwise not harm the preservation of the stone. This coats of arms relief stone is placed on the inside of a solid garden wall with cappings.

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Why a sculptor works differently…

The difference between a spatial relief by a sculptor and a superficial carving (the way a stonemason works) is not always immediately clear to every customer. A relief with considerable depth differences gives a lively, expressive image. It is also more labor intensive than just carving out the lines in the stone. This can also mean that potential customers are deterred by the higher cost of the work by the sculptor.

stonemason family crest Belgian bluestone

Ably carved in Belgian stone by a stonemason. The depth of this depiction is a few millimeters.

sandstone coat of arms

A sculptor works with a lot more depth. The depth of this relief is about 10 centimeters.

Yet I also get customers who are not satisfied with a simple sandblasted, lasered or even shallow carved by an expert two-dimensional image in stone . So occasionally I get such a nice commission for a crest such as this stone. These are my favorite commisions!

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