Corbel: A man with bird

corbel Eusebius Man with bird1 The second corbel I carved for scaffolding layer no. 10 of the Eusebius Tower was a man with a bird. Like the original, this copy in Muschelkalk limestone is carved pretty rough, with the tooth chisel marks still clearly visible. This gives the surface of the stone a lively effect; chisel traces enhancing the shapes of the man and the bird. For the head I used a fine tooth chisel, and a coarser tooth chisel with flat teeth for the bird, a so-called "gradine". This stone is a cornerstone too; the other three are laid out symmetrically with a head in the center and on both sides something he's carrying.

Besides this chunky man's head the hand of the man can still be seen plus the bird that sits upon it. Read more about this series of corbels in the previous message.
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