Crane in marble, completed (for sale)

crane in marble

translucent marble crane

translucent marble crane A crane in marble, from a slate of marble of 2 cms thick.

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A crane in marble coming up

I started carving a crane out of a white marble plate, in direct carving method. An update will follow when the piece is finished.a crane in white marble
…Read more…↑ is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

A reclining bull in white marble

block of marble for lying bull in white marble

It's been a bit quiet on my blog, because I a big job had in progress. Messages about that to follow later, because it is not finished yet. But last week I carved a reclining bull in white marble.
My father asked me: 'How do you take on such a project, how do you make such an animal?’ I explained to him that …Read the whole article…

Ardha Matsyendra in marble

For the exhibition at Statue of yoga pose Ardha Matsyendrasana in Carrara marbleKunst en Kastelen (Art and Castles) I also carved a statue in white marble: Ardha Matsyendra. It's a lady in a Hatha yoga posture, the Ardha-Matsyendrasana ie the half King of the Fish Pose. The sculpture is approximately 70 cms tall (and very heavy, as I noticed when installing it at Castle Gronsveld!) …Read the whole article…

An Artemis with weak ankles

Diana of Gabii damaged

the statue was missing an arm and had suffered damage to her robe

At the same time as the two sandstone putti at the end of last year I also got the commission of restoring a statue of Diana or Artemis. It turned out to be a casting of the famous sculpture that was made by the Greek sculptor Praxiteles: …Read the whole article…

Contract work for others: a marble statue

20160330_173053Now that I have just about recovered from the deep cut in my forearm I'm right away very busy again, with Moses and Aaron, flying buttress figurines, carving ornaments, Artemis, and work for third parties. Ben week …Read the whole article…

Marble statue of Shirdi Sai Baba completed

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After a long time of sanding, polishing, and buffing up the statue of Shirdi Sai Baba is finished. It was carved from white Carrara-marble, 1 metre high and 50 cms wide. I just have to cut the rest of the marble block from under it, that is for next week.

marble Shirdi Sai Baba statue-carving finished. Sculptor in stone and bronze

→ Read more… is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

…'draw ten times, carve once’…

marble Shirdi Sai statue fine carving process

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After an intermission of a couple of weeks (small tombstone, work for others) I went on with the marble statue of Shirdi Sai Baba. This afternoon at the end of the day I quickly shot a picture with my cellphone, without flash, with fluorescent light. Véry good pictures then. …Read the whole article…