A bluestone coat of arms with two falcons

Bluestone stone coat of arms

I merrily went on to the next commission, another stone coat of arms this time. The previous one was a smaller relief with only the shield. That required a little more attention to the shape of the shield, to make the design a bit more interesting. But this coat of arms is quite extensive in itself because of the helmet, the mantling and the crest. I prefer deeply carved coats of arms, and this is no exception: the total depth of the relief …Read the whole article…

Moses and Aaron on their way to Germany

restored statue of Moses, Veghel← to the first post about these statues-

As kids, we used to joke that Moses had the first car, because he went up the mountain in his Duckling (a Dutch play on the word for 'all alone' and a nickname for the Citroën 2CV). But this week the statue of Moses really went by car, and his brother Aaron went along with him. …Read the whole article…

Two broken putti and a fallen Artemis

two broken putti and the ankles of Artemis

the two broken putti and the ankles of Artemis

Last month I was offered an interesting challenge: two eighteenth-century putti made of Bentheimer sandstone and terracotta sculpture of Artemis. All three were seriously damaged and to me fell the task to restore them in all their splendour. …Read the whole article…

Four pieces at a time….

the polishing work on the upper side of a panipitha in black granite2 The polishing work on the upper side of a panipitha in black granite1
cutting a block of Rosa Porinho granite with the angle grinder splitting a block of dolomite with wedges

This past week I spent time working on four different projects at once, all of a different nature. First of all, the work on the black, square panipeetha just goes on. I've already shaped the top side and started sculpting the last four sides with the Lotus Motif. …Read the whole article…

Crest of Duitgenius installed

family crest installed -4-coat of arms

family crest/coat of arms installed -2- coat of arms

The limestone, polychromated relief with the coat-of arms of the Duitgenius family was installed saterday March 1 March 2014 were placed there. Luckily it was dry, and though a little bit more sun would have been nice, everything went smoothly during the mounting. The coat of arms is suspended from four stainless steel pins in the wall. …Read the whole article…

Family Crest Duitgenius in stone 2

← to the first post about this project

The coat-of-arms starts getting some contours by now.

It was already getting dark when I decided to shoot a picture of the progress made. My lamp sits on the floor behind me, to the right, so the light in this picture seems to come from the bottom right.
I have started shaping the mantling on the right-hand side (heraldically left) now. …Read the whole article…

Drilling holes

drilling relief coat of arms← to the first post about this project-

When carving reliefs I like to start with ‘jig sawing‘: carving the contours pretty tight and perpendicular, right up to the background material of the relief. The diamond drill is a handy tool for that. I usually drill lots of holes to the correct depth, so I don't need to measure how deep the relief is and where all the parts have to go. So that is what I did today. …Read the whole article…