A promo piece: helmet and shield

helmet and shield in dolomite, small example

As I mentioned a few times before, family crests among my favorite projects and in that context I visit will the Day of Heraldry at Kasteel Groeneveld in Baarn next Saturday, where I will also be on the 'market’ .. Unfortunately, I can not really show much of my work, because everything that's finished goes straight to the customer. And as the Chinese might say , quoted in English, in this case, ‘A Picture Paints A Thousand Words’, but a picture is not the same as a live piece of sculpture that you can touch. That is why I have taken up a small piece of Dolomite today as an example, in which I carved a helmet and shield. This should give an impression of how my work might look if you're considering commissioning a crest relief or coat of arms, or sculpture (why not a complete freestanding coat-of-arms STATUE in 3D all around??) .. Something to show and tell, so to say.

weapon stone helmet and shield specimen

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One response to “A promo piece: helmet and shield

  1. Alida en Jan wrote:

    Helemaal goed Koen!

    Hard gewerkt om het in een dag te hakken.
    Succes zaterdag!

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