A Long-legged Squirrel (flying buttress figurine)

beeldhouwerij van Velzen around Christmas 2017

My sculptor's workshop around Christmas

The first thing I often take on in these figurines is the profiled stonemasonry parts at the bottom

old tuff flying buttress figurine of a Squirrel

old Squirrel, tuff stone

The last flying buttress figurine from flying buttress no. 5 of St. Eusebius's Church in Arnhem was this Squirrel. In these past few weeks I have presawn all the remaining blocks of stone for flying buttresses nos. 5 and 4 machine, so now I can start carving all the remaining figurines. This one was not very remarkable in itself, but it did have a nice coarsely carved tail, a piece of tree trunk on which it leaned and very long hind legs.

New Squirrel, muschelkalk

New, muschelkalk

That piece of trunk was left there by the sculptor because a free standing squirrel would break off immediately at the feet. In this position, at least; I've shown before that it can be solved in a different way as well.
I do not quite get why it has such long hind legs , but that's probably the poetic freedom of the original designer.

I imitated as closely as possible the design and finish of the original flying buttress statuette, but with another stone and other method, the effect will always be a little different. Yet the atmosphere of the ancient figurine has been properly preserved.

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