A brick layer in stone

stratenmaker hammerI started with the next assignment, a stone statue of (and for) a road worker. It's been a busy time, with carving the granite tomb I reported on earlier, the final work on the black granite panipitha and a set of finials and stone masonry in limestone.

rough sketch in plasticine for a stone statue of a road worker

First I modeled in plasticine a sketch model for the brick layer. After approval, I enlarged that with compasses and scale calipers in 1:3, in green pir foam. It's a pretty crude sawing model, which I'm going to use to quickly saw the big outlines. Because pir foam is very soft , I coated it with polyester to give it a hard top layer. The next few days I'm going to start cutting and carving. Earlier, I have already split a block of dolomite from which I will carve it. Saw model for stone sculpture of road worker in pirschuimI was originally planning on sculpting the statue in the direct carving method, but this is much faster and easier. But much direct carving work still remains, because this model is not very detailed and slightly too bulky, so I still have a lot of leeway when carving. That keeps it interesting!

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Bonus: matching music: street paver at sea:

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