Finials. Upside down.

very simple finial in Savonnières limestoneIn between, I still sometimes get a little job that has to be finished quickly. Last week that was a set of finials with very simple crockets. At first, I kept getting the feeling that this design was upside down, judging from my experience with Gothic crockets. But perhaps this simple crocket will fit in well with the neo-church where they will end up on, it becomes a little French lily-ish that way.

I would have liked to make a complete design for a new crocket and execute that, but time and budget unfortunately didn't allow for that. But the simplicity works in this French limestone (Savonnières) actually fine this time.

lace Flower (crocket) trachyte in the St. John's Cathedral in 's-HertogenboschTo the left is another example of a crocket (called a side crocket) which I carved at the time for the St. John's Cathedral in Den Bosch, in Weidenhahn trachite. This has been carved slightly more elaborate, and finally, a so-called 'trouser piece’ with two large open crocket flowers of St. John's Cathedral, and a finial in portland stone, also of St. John's. The latter I carved among (much) more when I worked on the last restoration.

Saint John's Cathedral, Den Bosch, finial in portland stone

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