Drilling holes

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When carving reliefs I like to start with ‘jig sawing‘: carving the contours pretty tight and perpendicular, right up to the background material of the relief. The diamond drill is a handy tool for that. I usually drill lots of holes to the correct depth, so I don't need to measure how deep the relief is and where all the parts have to go. So that is what I did today.
field flowersIt was hot today, and the corn simply races out of the soil. And the flowers; in the context of subsidised 'natural field boundaries’ the farmer has sown a floral mixture and I see buckwheat, bluebottle, vetches and I don't know what more start growing near my shop. A beautiful work place.
Finally, I started a little bit with shaping the deepest parts of the relief.
I prefer to work with low heels for first chopping coat of armsto high, and when finishing high to low. That's for a reason, but you will notice only when you try it yourself.

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