Lotus motif

lotus motif on black panipitha. Lingam en Yoni← to the first post about this project

After a few days of carving the black granite (Premium Black) half of the lotus leaves have been carved on the square panipitha. What can easily be done in a day in limestone, is a very different story in granite, but fortunately it is coming along nicely.

I have now started polishing again. Soon it will become a deep black shiny stone, but there still is a lot of work to do. Because some places are not accessible by machine tools, that will take a lot of sanding by hand. Polishing is made up of 10 steps, from grain 50 to 10.000. That means a lot of times sanding the same area.

Along with polishing I make sure that the carved forms are shaped with tight lines. To the right you can still see some fluttering lines, but to the left it's already becoming a bit tighter.

In this picture the panipitha is upside down, since I'm carving the upper leaves first and later the lower side. That way the leaves for which I have had the most practice most will be the most visible. Hopefully those will become the most beautiful as well, but of course I intend to make all of them beautiful.

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