A model for a new panipitha

model Shivalinga + baseThe last few days I spent doing the preliminary work for carving a granite panipitha. Other than earlier panipithas this one will be square. A panipitha, often called a yoni here, is a base for a Shivalingam, which in itself is a symbol for the infinte Divine. Panipitha means water chair. Lingam and panipitha together stand for Shiva-Shakti, or Being-Consciousness-Bliss and Manifestation thereof.

Initially I made a drawing on the computer in Sketchup in the beginning, but I'd rather see it live.

foam model for Shivalingam base (Paanipeetham)To see if the proportions were right and to practice on carving the lotus leaves, I started with a full size working model in green foam (50 x 50 cm on top, with a spout of approximately 20 cms tall, and about 43 cms tall). In this foam, which is very easy to work by sawing, rasping, cutting and the like, I can still easily adjust the shape.

After that I started with a leftover piece of granite to carve a test piece, to see how it works with the lotus leaves.

foam model for Shivalingam base paanipeetham

base for Shivalinga, test carving in black granite

Meanwhile, I am busy with other jobs as well, including the plaster sculpture of Pan. When that is finished, I'm going to find a piece of red granite to carve it out of.

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