According and finishing

New side crockets, consoles and trefoils for St. Stephen's Church in Nijmegen-situation before finishing. Top left: a view of the bottom of the original console that has been preserved.

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The project at the South Portal of St. Stephen's Church is now completed. Today Stide and I first went on with according. When all the pieces are placed in mortar, there will always be a spot somewhere where the connection is not quite optimal. According means making the pieces fit by carving away bits of stone in appropriate places. …Read the whole article…

Placing the side crockets

new crockets placed on south portal Stevens church in Nijmegen

the new side crockets are very close to the new consoles, but that was just the same in the old situation. Far left you can see a small piece of new trefoils

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The 100th post on this blog has been reached, and today we had (my colleague Stide and I) had another milestone as well: the mounting work on St. Stephen's Church in Nijmegen is nearly done. Today the mounting of the side crockets got almost finished. …Read the whole article…