A model for a new panipitha

model Shivalinga + baseThe last few days I spent doing the preliminary work for carving a granite panipitha. Other than earlier panipithas this one will be square. A panipitha, often called a yoni here, is a base for a Shivalingam, which in itself is a symbol for the infinte Divine. Panipitha means water chair. Lingam and panipitha together stand for Shiva-Shakti, or Being-Consciousness-Bliss and Manifestation thereof.
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Of a garden that grew

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Granite panipitha
Today I received the above picture of the panipitha via email, and was surprised how the garden around it has grown by now , since at the time of installing it was all still a mud bath and only this spring the first plants were planted. Very good manure they used, one might think. …Read the whole article…

Inbetweens: a water spiral for the panipitha

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After the panipitha was completed (see photos of the process here) there had still something to be found to deal with that water flowing off of it.

It is intended that in the future, a constant stream of water will flow over the big black lingam , which will eventually be diverted into the canal through a stainless steel gutter in the garden. In order to catch the water that flows from the spout of the panipitha on, I thought of a spiral shape, with a nod to the work of Viktor Schauberger, who kept stressing the importance of the vortex when dealing with water. This way, a religious object will get an alternative scientific touch as well. …Read the whole article…

Installing the large Shivalingam and Panipitha

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installation of the Shivalingam(3)

hoisting the upper part

After all parts of the Shivalingam at the time and polished, and I had tested them in a test setup, to see if it fit, the five components were ready to be transported for their installation. It all together weighs about one metric tonne; it's 125 cm wide by 125 cm high and 175 cms long. I made the whole Shivalingam and its base from different kinds of granite …Read the whole article…

Upper part finished

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The home stretch of the work on the large lingam and panipitha has arrived. By and large, all the shaping has been done now, but the rings on top of have yet to get their roundness and everything has to be thoroughly polished, from grain 50 to 10.000 in eight steps. That means sanding the same pieces eight times, of which a large part by hand. Oh well, that's just the way it is. …Read the whole article…

Panipitha-bonding the spout

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Of the large granite panipitha all parts are ready now. Because the granite that I had lying around was too small to carve it out 1 of one piece, I had to make the spout from a separate part and bond that perfectly with the rest. It is glued with strong epoxy glue , supported by 3 thick stainless steel wire ends of 2 cms thick. Finally also the ugly glue seam had to be neatly finished and the shapes made to match. …Read the whole article…

A large panipitha: Shiva lingam

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Shiva linga lingam stone sculptor Netherlands granite

Out of a block of black granite, that I had lying around as a remaining piece from a smaller panipitha in black granite, I played a big Shiva lingam with my saw. The material is very tough and difficult to work because it is very dense and fragments in a glass-like way . But the result speaks for itself. …Read the whole article…

Panipitha: from block to upper part

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From a number of blocks of granite I started carving a large lingam and yoni (panipitha) from the beginning. Below the course of the process of the upper part of the panipitha.

A block of granite (no idea what kind, but it is yellow-pink-brownish and quite big) from 120 x 120 x 45 cms I had intended for the upper part. If I had to order the stone I would have taken a different size, but this is simply what I had lying around. …Read the whole article…

Pedestal for a granite panipitha

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As one of the first blocks for a large granite panipitha and lingam I first cut out the base and styled the leaves on it. This pedestal is used later on to shape the bottom side of the upper part accurately (see last picture). …Read the whole article…