Video: a coat of arms with deep relief

Finally, the video of the family crest with deep relief that I carved last winter into sandstone is now online.

Find it below! Read about this project here: A sandstone coat of arms with deep relief. is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

A sandstone coat of arms with deep relief

sandstone coat of arms by sculptor Koen van Velzen

Stone crest

A Bentheimer sandstone coat of arms. Dimensions of the relief 40 x 50 x 18 cms tall, of which the relief part is carved 10 cms deep. Clearly can be seen that this stone is a natural product, as evidenced by the light brown traces of an iron deposit. This does otherwise not harm the preservation of the stone. This coats of arms relief stone is placed on the inside of a solid garden wall with cappings. …Read the whole article…

Year review of 2017

Our Dear Lord out of the basement

Sacred Heart statue limestone Our Dear Lord in the basementThe staue of Jesus again in a good spot on a new pedestal.

2017 was an interesting year with many different commissions.

For example, I had a Sacred-Heart statue to repair, which first had to be freed out of its basement. The statue had received some damage during previous storage and lost its hands at one point. I made two new limestone hands, but because the fingers turned out very vulnerable I had to make them again, this time in strong restoration mortar with a stainless steel frame. I also made a new limestone pedestal for the statue. The installing of the statue was not an easy job, but with some ingenuity it all went just fine.

Cinema Royal

Cinema Royal matching the curl to its surroundings

Next, an old cinema in Den Bosch needed to be restored with new flourishes. I carved them out of Udelfanger sandstone, after which they were exactly made to fit by stonemasons on site. As part of the refurbishment of the inner city many of the (store)fronts are being restored to their former glory, and this was one of them.

Bull and Crane

reclining bull in white marble with garlandtranslucent marble crane. Annual Review 2017At the beginning of the year I also made a marble bull and a base, and a marble crane. The bull has meanwhile arrived at its final location, but the Crane is still looking for a home!

The Herculeses from Castle Schaffelaar

new belly for plinth of Hercules Schaffelaar in Irish bluestone new bottom part for Pedestal of Hercules SchaffelaarMy first really big job that year was making a large stone plinth for the Hercules statue of Castle Schaffelaar in Barneveld. First I had to remove the old base, then carve the base, and then install the old base and the old statueinside the castle, and the new plinth for the new statue in the garden. In any case it made a nice overview. There are two nice videos about it anyways, so you can see what the job was about.

Four heads for the Nieuwezijds

For the next project you can find a video of the process as well. I show how I'm copying four grotesque heads for a building on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal in Amsterdam and how they should end up looking all combined. The heads were made in Udelfanger sandstone and over time they eroded considerably, but they still were good enough to make copies of. A nice commission!

A professional shelter

I had been working under a simple party tent for several years, but in the beginning of 2017 it was time to build something a bit more solid. I'd bought a second hand steel frame, and with some new rafters, roofing sheets, lighting and a new hoisting beam and two-ton electric hoist it became a complete shelter. For example, it also became a lot easier to handle the larger blocks. I could now put my copying saw under the roof. My son Joram helped me during the build.

A streetcar full of penguins

Gevelsteen Blue Tramstraat polychromedThen there was the gable stone relief project from the former coach- and tram depot site in Haarlem. Comic Illustrators designed ten different relief stones, which were then carved in stone by a group of sculptors and polychromed by painters. These turned out to be ten very different stones, I myself got the stone Toon van Driel under my care. Read the post about the process here 1↑, 2↑ and 3↑.

Noah's Ark: full of animals

Annual Review 2017

In May, 2017 I received the first figurines from flying buttress no. 7 of St. Eusebius's Church in Arnhem. It was the beginning of a nice series on the theme of Noah's Ark. All kinds of animals.

So in succession there were Noah himself, the rescued Ark, a Whining Dog, an overly joyful Lion, A Lady With Big Feet, a Fat Man wit a Jug and a Capercaillie in my shop this year.

Then some more came: Elephant, Praying Man, Owl, Kangaroo, Mountain Lion, Old Woman with Mortar and Pestle, another Ark with Noah Praying, Cape Buffalo and Lion, Squirrel, Razorbill, and finally again a Ark with Noah fleeing the rising waters, as the finishing part of the year.

And after this Review of the Year 2017 I thought I had deserved a Christmas break!

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A party for ten gable stone reliefs

to the first post about this House Sign↑

Koen van Velzen at the unveiling of the plaque from the Blue Tram street. Ten house signs after designs by cartoonistsBlue, blue, sky-blue

It was a completely blue party, last Thursday in the Blue Tram Street in New Remittance District in Haarlem. I went there, dressed up in my best moody blues, along with my good colleague Serge van Druten, who had also carved two of the ten stones. There was a tiny but excellent band, some blue trim and blue drinks and balloons. It was very unfortunate that Toon van Driel, which started the relief of the Blue Tram street as a cartoon, was unable to come because of an illness. I would have like to talk to him. …Read the whole article…

House Sign Blue Tram Street Haarlem finished!

to the first post about this House Sign↑

Gevelsteen Blue Tramstraat polychromedRómulo Döderlein Win painting the gable stone of the Blue Tram street

The House Sign in Udelfanger sandstone for the Blue Tram Street about which I reported on last time is finished. A little summary: the picture was designed and drawn by cartoonist Toon van Driel, after an initiative by the Foundation for House Signs Association Haerlem. It is one of a series of ten different House Signs by ten artists and ten sculptors. …Read the whole article…

An interesting gable stone

A plaque in the making for the Blue Tram street in Haarlem

Last week I started on a very interesting challenge: the carving of a new gable stone relief. The project deserves some explanation, because it includes a lot more than just this one relief. …Read the whole article…

House sign gable stone Mermaid completed in direct carving method

house sign Mermaid, made as a direct carving.
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The sandstone gable stone house sign stone with the mermaid that I'd already started carving some time before is completed. …Read the whole article…