Ye artfully painted and coloured crest

polychromeren, gepolychromeerd, steen, familiwapen, wapensteen, wapenschild

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To my great joy the family crest of Duitgenius was polychromed in full glory, which means painted in multiple colours. Rómulo has had quite a bit of work doing all the, guilding, base coats, silver plating and several coats of colour.

He added depth to the colour by several layers of paint with accents in a slightly different hue. He also added a patina to the layer of silver, giving the relief more visual depth.

For those who haven't followed the story before: I carved a family crest in limestone for a client, which after that went to Rómulo Döderlein de Win at or polychromed them as it's termed by him.

polychromeren, gepolychromeerd, wapensteen, wapenschild, familiewapen steen, helm

→ Read more… is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

2 responses to “Ye artfully painted and coloured crest

  1. Georgette wrote:

    What a great result. gorgeously.
    Koen and Rómulo delivered you have timbered.
    GEM DdW

  2. Ruben wrote:

    Really true, very nice.
    I keep myself recommended.

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