Another road worker-who's next?

Brick layer in dolomite, second version

Today is the 25th anniversary of the road construction company Gebr. Kloens B.V.. from Dordrecht. Their anniversary is one of the reasons for the silence on my blog: I carved a statue of a bricklayer for them out of dolomite , again largely via the direct carving method. But I had to keep quiet because the brothers couldn't know until today . This version got working shoes, is built a bit heavier and has slightly more details. …Read the whole article…

Brick layer is finished

-update: supplemented with better photos!-

Stratenmaker1 Stratenmaker2

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The light was not ideal for taking photos, yesterday. After a long wait for a cloud to finally slide in front of the sun (why isn't there any wind when you need it?) at a quarter past six I finally just cycled home. I hope I can make some better pics in the next few days, however, here goes: my statuette of the street worker is finished. …Read the whole article…