Square panipitha: Polishing has started

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The polishing work on the upper half of the square panipitha has started (it's upside down at the moment). You can clearly see where I could not get into the tricky upper edge during the sanding. …Read the whole article…

Lotus motif

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After a few days of carving the black granite (Premium Black) half of the lotus leaves have been carved on the square panipitha. What can easily be done in a day in limestone, is a very different story in granite, but fortunately it is coming along nicely. …Read the whole article…

Marble statue of Shirdi Sai Baba completed

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After a long time of sanding, polishing, and buffing up the statue of Shirdi Sai Baba is finished. It was carved from white Carrara-marble, 1 metre high and 50 cms wide. I just have to cut the rest of the marble block from under it, that is for next week.

marble Shirdi Sai Baba statue-carving finished. Sculptor in stone and bronze

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Polishing is always a labour intensive chore. Especially in this sculpture; there are many corners that I just simply have to do by hand. But it's getting on nicely, just a few pieces at the top. You just can't tell by the photos because there's still a thin layer of of stone sludge over it. But when the sculpture is properly rinsed and all waxed up, then also the green color stands out better. …Read the whole article…

Nasty corners day

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It's time to start polishing. One of the finest things about finishing is fiddling in the corners where you just cannot reach. And this time I've made it especially enjoyable for myself . Below an overview of a few of my favorites. …Read the whole article…

Upper part finished

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The home stretch of the work on the large lingam and panipitha has arrived. By and large, all the shaping has been done now, but the rings on top of have yet to get their roundness and everything has to be thoroughly polished, from grain 50 to 10.000 in eight steps. That means sanding the same pieces eight times, of which a large part by hand. Oh well, that's just the way it is. …Read the whole article…

Polishing work on the underside has started

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I made a spout out of a separate piece of granite , that later will be bonded to the rest of the upper part with epoxy adhesive. I matched its design to the rest of the underside, after which the polishing work could start: 10 steps from coarse to fine with diamond pads, from grain 50 to 10.000. A lot of work. …Read the whole article…

A large panipitha: Shiva lingam

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Shiva linga lingam stone sculptor Netherlands granite

Out of a block of black granite, that I had lying around as a remaining piece from a smaller panipitha in black granite, I played a big Shiva lingam with my saw. The material is very tough and difficult to work because it is very dense and fragments in a glass-like way . But the result speaks for itself. …Read the whole article…