Some odd jobs

Radio silence?

Dismantling  the bronze sculpture by Inka Klinckhard (various jobs)

a sculpture by sculptress Inka Klinckhard disassembly

It was very quiet on my blog for a while, but I've still been busy doing some odd jobs. After the placement of two Hercules statues in Barneveld I disassembled and reinstalled another bronze sculpture quite nearby, in Museum Nairac. This museum has an interesting collection of archaeological and area-related historical artifacts collection. Hence, the second statue that I had to install was in the right place there: it was a plaster cast of the original design for the statue of Jan van Schaffelaar, by Bart van Hove. The final sculpture was carved from limestone in 1903 and stands opposite the museum, just before the church of Barneveld.

various jobs: Placement Jan van Schaffelaar Museum Nairac

A statuette by Klinckhard on a new pedestal, next to the statue of Jan van Schaffelaar


various jobs: shelter build with Joram

Joram helped building it

various jobs: Jos came watching the progress

Jos from the care farm came to see the progress

I have also been busy setting up my shelter, with polycarbonate light panels and roof. My son Joram helped me out occasionally during the build. A lifting beam and electric hoist will soon be added underneath, and scaffold nettings along the sides for protection against strong winds. I found erecting the trusses a bit tense at first, because a year ago one of these frames landed on my arm. I ended up with a deep cut that kept me out of circulation for three weeks. But everything went smoothly this time. The shelter will soon offer a spacious work area with four meters hoisting height, which should be enough. I bought it from my old employer Ton Mooy, so I know the thing very well: I've worked under it for fourteen years. is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

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