Garden sculpture of Pan in red granite

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multicolor red granite for garden statue of PanMeanwhile, the model for Pan in plaster finished. It has become a droll little statue of the faun Pan, carrying the reed flute in his hands. Now I want it to carve it in granite, and I intended it for a garden, in a corner, at eye level, where you would pass by regularly and run into him. I think in a soft red granite, with a finely chiselled finish, it will come into its ownKoen van Velzen carved tombstone Bert and Ernie from red granite beautifully. On the left a picture of the kind of granite I'm thinking of using, only this red is much brighter because it is polished. Chiseled it will be much milder in colour, for example, like the tombstone with Bert and Ernie I once carved.

It's un-commisioned work, and the sculpture is for sale: about 90 x 45 x 50 cms, and then to be placed on a base of about one meter high, in the same material.

Also the garden image ‘Turning A New Leaf’ is for sale. It is 2,5 meters high and carved out of a light coloured granite, carved completely open. It's meant for in a garden, to interact with the vegetation surrounding it.

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(-update 25 april 2015: meanwhile ‘Turning A New Leaf’ has been sold)
Granite garden sculpture Turning A New Leaf by Koen van VelzenGarden statue Turning A New Leaf in granite, close-up is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

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