Family crest completed

familiewapen in steen, zandsteen, wapensteen, zandstenen wapenschild

Crest stone with Van Heeckeren family coat of arms, Bentheimer sandstone, 120 cms


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After this photo was taken, I added the polka dots and stripes on the shield signifying the color code for the gold and red of the Van Heeckeren's.
It was a very interesting assignment, because the coat-of-arms are usually very lively depictions. Because I like it when a relief has a little volume, this one was carved about twelve centimetres (five inches) deep; This gave me the chance to undercut parts such as the tail and two front legs and especially to carve the helmet very open and voluminous. As a result, there is a very clear distinction between light and darkness.

The relief was carved out of Bentheimer sandstone, type Gildehaus. It is 120 cms in diameter and a total of 20 cms thick, of which the relief itself has 12 cms of depth. is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

6 responses to “Family crest completed

  1. Kannaiah wrote:

    Geweldig Koen wat een kunstwerk

  2. Carla wrote:

    Klasse Koen

  3. Marianne wrote:

    Een heel mooi resultaat! We zijn benieuwd hoe het er in werkelijkheid uit ziet,
    Komen binnenkort even kijken.

  4. Charles van Heeckeren wrote:

    Hello Koen,


    Even terug komend op je vraag.

    Wat vind je zelf van de bolletjes en streepjes?

    Kleuren van de steen vinden we zonde.

    Heb je een advies?

    Best regards,


    • Traditioneel zou men hier de stippen en strepen toepassen. Qua beeld is het misschien wat onrustiger, maar wel correct in de traditie. Alleen is het in zandsteen lastig om deze kleine bolletjes te hakken. Op de originele munt heeft de medailleur de stippen in het negatieve afgietsel als kuiltjes geboord, waardoor ze in het positieve afgietsel weer als bolletjes terug kwamen. In dit geval zou ik zelf denken om kuiltjes en lijnen toe te passen. dimples, because it is not necessarily determined that the pellets should be. I can draw them out, so we visit when you have something to talk about…


  5. R.C.Döderlein the Win wrote:

    Koen, What should your clients be proud of the weapon by you chopped.
    I find it really fascinating!!!
    I am convinced that there will follow multiple weapons, so, ….noble and patriciabel Netherlands can tout sans embarrassment when you go for a beautifully executed family crest.
    My compliments, and congratulations on this wonderful result !

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