Finishing- halfway

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The griffins and the base are now just about carved. Now it's time for the helmet and the mantling, and then all the details need to be carved really crisp (nails, hairs, dotting the i's and crossing the t's…). Finally, I will have a go at the profiled edge, but that can be seen in a next post.

On the photo can be seen how the stone changes color when it dries. The wet areas are still dark, and the drying parts are much lighter. When sandstone is outside for a long time, under the influence of the weather, and perhaps algae or moss, depending on where it is located, it will gradually darken again. That could take another decade or more. In any case, this sandstone easily lasts a few hundred years, a reassuring idea.

Read more… is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

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