Turning A New Leaf in its new spot

Earlier this month, my son helped me with placing my sculpture ‘Turning A New Leaf’.
It ended up in the garden of a therapist friend of mine, right in front of his new practice. I am really happy that it's in a much better place now than in storage at my studio; a striking eyecatcher, and not only that, it seems as if it was made for that spot. It's about unfoldment, finding new energy, and, of course, about growth.

I carved the sculpture in 2010 out of a single piece of granite, and it's 2,5 ms tall.

Turning A New Leaf 2014

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Garden sculpture of Pan in red granite

← to the first post on this statueplaster model for a granite garden statue of the forest god Pan

multicolor red granite for garden statue of PanMeanwhile, the model for Pan in plaster finished. It has become a droll little statue of the faun Pan, carrying the reed flute in his hands. Now I want it to carve it in granite, …Read the whole article…

On rolls

turning a new leaf4

‘Turning A New Leaf’ in the hall

The statue "Ferns’ went on a trip to North Brabant today. There it had to go over a narrow gravel path, a set of steps and a threshold, and up to the end of the hall. How do you do that with a sculpture of more than 600 kilos? Well, just, like they did it in the olden days. On rolls. …Read the whole article…