A puzzle in sandstone

The seat of the bench is ready

The seat of the bench is ready

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The next step in the restoration of the garden bench for Twickel Castle is reached: all parts are now ready and now everything must be fitted together. On the left the new sandstone seat is ready. Now the backrest must be fitted. But before that is possible, the backrest itself must be ready. Today I picked up the lead relief.

back of the lead relief , bench castle Twickel

short pieces end stainless steel wire at the back of the relief

Later the relief has to fit exactly in here.

Later the relief has to fit exactly in here.

It must be embedded in the sandstone backrest, and then it also has to keep stuck on it. That's why there are short sections of stainless steel wire on the rear side to connect the two parts.

So now it becomes a matter of fitting, measuring, drilling and more fitting until all parts fit together nicely.

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