A visit to the scaffolding of St. Eusebius's Church: Corbels and 14 flying buttress statuettes.

A visit to the scaffolding of St. Eusebius's Church

scaffolding visit Eusebius Church with flying buttress figurines

flying buttress no. 6

Last Thursday I visited the Eusebius Church in Arnhem. I had heard that two of the four flying buttresses were installed. For this church I had carved into new limestone 31 copies of the old flying buttress figurines and my colleague Stide also four. Stide has also replaced many larger and smaller corbels and is currently mainly engaged in carving stone masks.

scaffolding visit Eusebius flying buttresses

flying buttress no. 7

Corbels on the tower

So Thursday I came for the first time in a long time to size up the statues and take some pictures of them. I also went further up along scaffolding layer no. 20 of the tower, where at about 45 meters there are lots of big and small corbels to be found. These too were photographed for the occasion.

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Links to all the individual figurines:

Flying buttress 7: Lion, dog, Naked Woman with Bird, Noah, Ark with pigeon (Badger and Cat with fish were carved by Stide)

Flying buttress 6: Lady with pestle and mortar, Fat man with jug, Capercaillie, Kangaroo, Owl, Mountain Lion, Noah praying in the ark.

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A visit to the scaffolding of St. Eusebius's Church