Corbel: Fat man with ears of corn

Corbel Eusebius Tower: man with ears of corn, copy in muschelkalk limestone

Corbel Eusebius Tower: man with ears of corn, copy in muschelkalk limestoneThe next corbel for the Eusebius Tower the head of a man holding ears of corn. The tuffstone original was a bit damaged and missed part of his nose. Before I began carving in new Muschelkalksteen I first reconstructed with plastiline clay his nose, so I had some idea of what I was about to make. Plastiline is clay that never hardens, so I can easily remove it again after work.

Theme and finishing

Corbel Eusebius Tower: man with ears of corn, copy in muschelkalk limestone

I do not know quite what the theme of these heads is; there are two women (with tulips and doves) and three men (with a falcon?, corn and owls). But in any case, the representation is consistent.

I carved the last man's head quite coarse to resemble the weathered head, but I finished this man with ears of corn with a coarse rasp to do justice to the smoother look of the original. As you can see the hands with the cornstalks all fall within a single large circular area. From there point on I could quite easily copy the major shapes with a template. These are very nice objects to carve, because I like the search for the character of the head in question. The whole thing has not much artistic pretense, which is actually sort of a given with architectural sculpture. Often there is a certain playfulness and not much pretension. I think it is unfortunate that we completely banned architectural sculpture from the street scene. Apart from a single project, for example, the Haarlem gable stone reliefs. More about corbels later! is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

A brick layer in stone

stratenmaker hammerI started with the next assignment, a stone statue of (and for) a road worker. It's been a busy time, with carving the granite tomb I reported on earlier, the final work on the black granite panipitha and a set of finials and stone masonry in limestone. …Read the whole article…

A visit to the goat

Last week I picked up a little project I started much earlier.

Pan, klei, met fluit, schets, granieten beeldOccasionally I participate in a tender, but usually the competition for that is quite fierce. That's what I found out a few years ago, when a school in Waalwijk asked for a design for a statue of the faun Pan, after a bronze statue of Pan in front of the school was stolen . I made a small scale model in plasticine, with the idea to carve it in granite. …Read the whole article…

A small relief in limestone

Four hands in limestone

For a client who wanted a sculpted relief I designed and carved a small sculpture with four hands at his request: a mother's hand and three baby hands. It is in memory of his mother, who liked to have this relief, because it represents the bond she has with het children. …Read the whole article…