Flying buttress figurine: Elephant with trunk horn

Original flying buttress statuette elephant, copying into new Muschelkalk limestonepraying man and elephant in new limestoneI am currently copying a whole range of flying buttress figurines for St. Eusebius's Church in Arnhem. Read here↑ everything about this project.

This series of flying buttress figurines were designed in the years 1953/54 by Theo van Reijn around the theme of the Great Flood’ or Noahs Ark, and were virtually all carved by Eduard van Kuilenburg. As was this little elephant.

photo of the four flying buttresses designed by Theo van Reijn

The four flying buttresses designed by Theo van Reijn in their original state. In the foreground Bear with honeypot, Monkey, Noah-caller, Desperate Man, Ark under construction. is the blog of Koen van Velzen, sculptor in stone and bronze. Look up my website as well:

Llittle praying man (flying buttress figurine for Eusebius Church)

copy of praying man in Muschelkalk limestone copy of praying man in Muschelkalk limestone

Llittle praying man

I'm already quite busy again carving flying buttress 5 from St. Eusebius's Church in Arnhem (the Netherlands). This series consists of a Razorbill, a elephant, a Sea lion, a Buffalo, a Squirrel, a Praying man, and for the third time the Ark. From the description of the figurines by the church: …Read the whole article…

An Owl that snapped (flying buttress figurine)

Copying the flying buttress figurine of the Owl

Material defects

This Owl, another flying buttress figurine carved for St. Eusebius' church in Arnhem, resisted the copying quite a bit. Not that it's such a difficult figurine, it is simple enough. But I was almost done and would only just carve the remaining profiles at the bottom, when I discovered that the dark line at the bottom became a crack, and that with each stroke it became a bit clearer. …Read the whole article…

Flying buttres figurine: Kanga and Baby Roo

Copying Kangaroo. Two turntables on two scissor lift tables so I can reach all areas.

Eeyore's tail and Kanga's nose

This kangaroo carved for St. Eusebius' church I copied without too many changes. The remarkable thing was that it had the tail of a donkey! So I finally figured out where Eeyore had left his tail. With Kanga and her baby Roo. …Read the whole article…

flying buttress figurines Eusebius's Church in Arnhem: an Old Woman with a mortar

Lady with pestle and mortar, copy of flying buttress figurine
The following flying buttress figurine carved for St. Eusebius' church was a somewhat strange lady with a mortar and pestle. She was built like an older woman, but with the head of a young girl. She missed a hand …Read the whole article…

Flying buttress: dog, lion, naked woman, fat man and bird

Sorry, proper translation later this week! These past few weeks I've continued carving for flying buttress 6 and 7 of St. Eusebius's Church in Arnhem.

A short video from the church as the crow flies, with the flying buttresses. As a bonus, a short performance by my colleague Stide Fox copying a corbel.

Flying buttress 6 and 7

flying buttress figurines from flying buttress no. 6 and 7 of St. Eusebius's Church in Arnhem

A photograph that I was sent by Slotboom Stonemasons. The Sad Badger in the foreground was carved by Stide.

It was a motley collection I received at my yard: the Noah and his ark I described earlier, a dog, a naked lady with big feet and a broken neck plus a bird, a very happy lion with his paw in a strange position, a fat man drinking from a large pot, and a bird which we suspected could be a Capercaillie. …Read the whole article…