The final pinnacle for St. Cunera's tower

Last pinnacle for St. Cunera's tower. tuffstone block of Pinnacle of Cunera's tower

old weathered pinnacle block

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The restoration of St. Cunera's tower in Rhenen is nearing its end. My colleague Jan Tolboom from Leusden had taken on the commission to supply all of the ornaments for this project, namely eight large pinnacles and some crockets. …Read the whole article…

Pinnacle for a flying buttress of St. Cunera's tower

Ornaments Cuneratoren Rhenen1

the lower block of the pinnacle

Currently, St. Cunera's tower in Rhenen, the Netherlands, is being restored. Most of the old Tuff stone blocks are being replaced by Muschelkalk . I carved a number of ornaments on some profiled blocks, for (and in cooperation with) my colleague Jan Tolboom. …Read the whole article…

Baldachin finished

Canopy for the St. John's Cathedral in 's-Hertogenbosch in Udelfanger sandstone

ornaments on a canopy for the St. John's Cathedral in's-Hertogenbosch in Udelfanger sandstone

The baldachin for St. John's Cathedral in Den Bosch is ready. The stonemasonry was made by Mike Slotboom of Slotboom Steenhouwers in Winterswijk; I carved the ornaments on this piece. The trickiest of these were the hanging parts on the front, the so-called suspended flowers. …Read the whole article…

A baldachin for St. John's Cathedral

Where the ornaments should go are now still cubes

the stonemason has done a great job. Where the ornaments should go are now still cubes

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While I'm waiting for the stone for the Falcon from Franeker to arrive, the other work, in the meantime, just goes on. Right now I'm working on a sandstone baldachin for St. John's Cathedral in 's-Hertogenbosch. A baldachin is a type of canopy under which the statue of a saint is supposed to stand. …Read the whole article…

South Portal of St. Stephen's Church: scaffolding removed

20 trefoils, 20 side crockets, 7 consoles and three capitals of the southern portal of the Stevenskerk

The South Portal of St. Stephen's Church has now gotten its scaffolding removed, and it's become a real sight to behold. …Read the whole article…

Placing the side crockets

new crockets placed on south portal Stevens church in Nijmegen

the new side crockets are very close to the new consoles, but that was just the same in the old situation. Far left you can see a small piece of new trefoils

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The 100th post on this blog has been reached, and today we had (my colleague Stide and I) had another milestone as well: the mounting work on St. Stephen's Church in Nijmegen is nearly done. Today the mounting of the side crockets got almost finished. …Read the whole article…

Patching up and replacing new blocks

Stevenskerk jointing 2

On a scaffolding often means working in quite tight corners

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'Patching up’ was originally a fishing term for repairing fishing nets, from a time when these still had to be painfully repaired by manual labour with a spool of wire. Nowadays the term is used in all sorts of professions as designation for the re-filling of holes in work previously done. …Read the whole article…

Corbels for St Stephen's Church

old weathered consoles and lace flowers

the wires are against the pigeons

After another period filled with carving all kinds of sculpture for third parties, my colleague Stide Vos and I got to carve a whole batch of sculpted ornaments for St. Stephen's Church in Nijmegen in Nijmegen. I took up the corbels. …Read the whole article…