A sandstone coat of arms with deep relief

sandstone coat of arms by sculptor Koen van Velzen

Weapon Stone

A Bentheimer sandstone coat of arms. Dimensions of relief 40 x 50 x 18 cms, of which the relief member 10 cm deep cut. Clearly shows that this stone is a natural product, as evidenced by the light brown spores of an iron deposit. This can otherwise not harm the conservation of stone. These coats of stone is placed on the inside of a solid with ogee wall garden.

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Why else does a sculptor…

The difference between a spatial relief by a sculptor and a superficial processing (as a stonemason works) is not always immediately clear to every customer. A relief with considerable depth differences gives a vivid, vivid picture. It is also more labor intensive than just notching lines in the stone. This can mean that potential customers are deterred by the higher cost of the work by the sculptor.

stonemason family crest Belgian bluestone / freestone

Ably carved in Belgian stone by a stonecutter. The depth of this performance is a few millimeters.

sandstone coat of arms

A sculptor works much more spacious. The depth of this relief is about 10 centimeters tall.

Yet I also get customers who are not satisfied with a simple sandblasted, lasered or even performed two-dimensional image in stone by an expert. So occasionally I get such a nice job for a weapon such as this stone. These are my favorite commands!

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War memorial Appelweg: Before and after

Memorial Appelweg old: The old situation: covered with a brick layer with glass shards

The old situation: covered with a brick layer with glass shards

Today I was in Amersfoort again, near the Appelweg. I took advantage of that opportunity to take a few pictures of the new capping stones on the war memorial that Gerard and I had refurbished recently. …Read the whole article…

Refurbishing a war memorial

Recently I, along with assistant Gerard van Esveld, added some sandstone cappings to a brick wall in Amersfoort.

These videos were made by Rob Lampe, who creates local reports for Amersfoort Gezien. He lives in the Westerstraat in Amersfoort, where in the year 1945 a bad policeman was shot by the resistance. In retaliation ten prisoners from camp Amersfoort were executed on the Appelweg just around the corner by the Germans. The wall where that took place was decorated as a monument very soon after the war was over, made possible by a gift from the doctor who lived there. The bullet holes are still visible. …Read the whole article…

Three sandstone lions for three herrings

sculptor Leo sandstone Deventer The Three Herrings

new sandstone lion

sandstone lion copy

side view

Head lion sandstone Deventer old and new

two small relief stones with lion's head, old and new

Lions Deventer old-new

The left hand lion will be put back, the right hand one is a reconstructed copy, carved in mirror image. On the shield the house sign is depicted

For a property in Deventer I was asked to carve a set of lions in Bentheimer sandstone. …Read the whole article…

Two broken putti and a fallen Artemis

two broken ankles and putti of Artemis

the two broken putti and the ankles of Artemis

Last month I was offered an interesting challenge: two eighteenth-century putti made of Bentheimer sandstone and terracotta sculpture of Artemis. All three were seriously damaged and to me fell the task to restore them in all their splendour. …Read the whole article…

The sandstone falcon is installed!

falcon with sandstone platform installed

With a big crane, the contractor installed the falcon.

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Today I got an email with a few photos from Franeker.

Construction company Van Marrum BV has installed for project developer, Elizen Vastgoed BV from Twello, the sandstone falcon on the front wall of the house. …Read the whole article…

Falcon: gilding finished

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vergulden2A real eye-catcher

The Falcon for the Valckeniershuis (Falconer's House) in Franeker is ready to be installed: Rómulo has finshed the gilding. He gold plated it completely in 23,75 carat double gold leaf. It's become a real eye-catcher, or as Rob the Great Garden Gnome would say: “As ay finnesing toots it wos cumpleetlee gilded, end now it iz ay reel ayketchur.” …Read the whole article…

video: How to carve a falcon from a block of stone

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A look into the process from weathered down statuette to copy in new stone, and insight into a number of the tools and (measuring-) techniques I used. The Falcon in this case was originally from the Valckeniershuis (Falconer's house) in Franeker, the Netherlands, and the original dates from 1662. The copy was carved in Bentheimer sandstone just as the original, and stands at 63 cms tall. …Read the whole article…