A sandstone coat of arms with deep relief

sandstone coat of arms by sculptor Koen van Velzen

Weapon Stone

A Bentheimer sandstone coat of arms. Dimensions of relief 40 x 50 x 18 cms, of which the relief member 10 cm deep cut. Clearly shows that this stone is a natural product, as evidenced by the light brown spores of an iron deposit. This can otherwise not harm the conservation of stone. These coats of stone is placed on the inside of a solid with ogee wall garden.

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Why else does a sculptor…

The difference between a spatial relief by a sculptor and a superficial processing (as a stonemason works) is not always immediately clear to every customer. A relief with considerable depth differences gives a vivid, vivid picture. It is also more labor intensive than just notching lines in the stone. This can mean that potential customers are deterred by the higher cost of the work by the sculptor.

stonemason family crest Belgian bluestone / freestone

Ably carved in Belgian stone by a stonecutter. The depth of this performance is a few millimeters.

sandstone coat of arms

A sculptor works much more spacious. The depth of this relief is about 10 centimeters tall.

Yet I also get customers who are not satisfied with a simple sandblasted, lasered or even performed two-dimensional image in stone by an expert. So occasionally I get such a nice job for a weapon such as this stone. These are my favorite commands!

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A visit to the scaffolding of St. Eusebius's Church: Corbels and 14 flying buttress statuettes.

A visit to the scaffolding of St. Eusebius's Church

scaffolding visit Eusebius Church with flying buttress figurines

flying buttress no. 6

Last Thursday I visited the Eusebius Church in Arnhem. I had heard that two of the four flying buttresses were installed. For this church I had carved into new limestone 31 copies of the old flying buttress figurines and my colleague Stide also four. Stide has also replaced many larger and smaller corbels and is currently mainly engaged in carving stone masks.

scaffolding visit Eusebius flying buttresses

flying buttress no. 7

Corbels on the tower

So Thursday I came for the first time in a long time to size up the statues and take some pictures of them. I also went further up along scaffolding layer no. 20 of the tower, where at about 45 meters there are lots of big and small corbels to be found. These too were photographed for the occasion.

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Links to all the individual figurines:

Flying buttress 7: Lion, dog, Naked Woman with Bird, Noah, Ark with pigeon (Badger and Cat with fish were carved by Stide)

Flying buttress 6: Lady with pestle and mortar, Fat man with jug, Capercaillie, Kangaroo, Owl, Mountain Lion, Noah praying in the ark.

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A visit to the scaffolding of St. Eusebius's Church

The whole sculptor's workshop is a Nativity scene

My Christmas stable is ready. Happy Holidays, happy Christmas and make it a VERY Good New Year!Beeldhouwerij van Velzen looks like a nativity scene with many flying buttress figurines of people and animals

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House Sign Blue Tram Street Haarlem finished!

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Gevelsteen Blue Tramstraat polychromedRómulo Döderlein Win painting the gable stone of the Blue Tram street

The House Sign in Udelfanger sandstone for the Blue Tram Street about which I reported on last time is finished. A little summary: the picture was designed and drawn by cartoonist Toon van Driel, after an initiative by the Foundation for House Signs Association Haerlem. It is one of a series of ten different House Signs by ten artists and ten sculptors. …Read the whole article…

Jesus back into place again

Installing Jesus statueWith a new set of hands and on a new pedestal of the same French limestone the Sacred Heart statue is looking wonderful again. The statue was installed last Friday in a nice place, inside the school where it formerly stood in the basement: College Hageveld in Heemstede. …Read the whole article…

Some odd jobs

Radio silence?

Dismantling  the bronze sculpture by Inka Klinckhard (various jobs)

a sculpture by sculptress Inka Klinckhard disassembly

It was very quiet on my blog for a while, but I've still been busy doing some odd jobs. After the placement of two Hercules statues in Barneveld I disassembled and reinstalled another bronze sculpture quite nearby, in Museum Nairac. …Read the whole article…

A new belly for the plinth of Hercules (videos)

A sad history

For centuries the sandstone statue of Hercules stood on its stone base in the Estate Schaffelaar Barneveld. Until sometime in the seventies a group of young people entered the Schaffelaar Wood and smashed it to pieces. In grief, the statue was then buried in the garden. Around the turn of the century, the picture was dug up again and restored somewhat. On the pedestal, meanwhile, …Read the whole article…